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A call to action for the restoration of the reputation of

by Nick Zegarac

It isn’t often that I take time out from answering people’s mail to make a personal statement in support of anyone. However, Dr. Eboni Wilson is no ordinary man.

His situation, sadly, is not unique, but its pall of lies and betrayal has cast many hot pokers into very deep wounds. Therefore, a swift resolution is of considerable importance and concern. Dr. Eboni Wilson is the principal of Chester High School; a man wrongfully accused of having sex with a minor.

Though his exoneration in a court of law of these charges has been made complete – his reputation as a man has been considerably scarred. So, permit me to set the record straight.

In the opinion of this blog critic, Dr. Eboni Wilson, the extraordinary principal who was WRONGFULLY accused by some nameless, remorseless tart (whose name SHOULD be made public – if for no other reason, then to shame her as much as she has shamed an INNOCENT man) is a genuine salt of the earth.

But don’t just take my sole opinion on this man. I’ve never met him. But after viewing his plight on the Dr. Phil television show I feel as though I know him well. Genuine sincerity is a commodity that cannot be faked. And Dr. Wilson has exhibited great sincerity. Take WSU Sports Psychologist, Mark Summerson’s quote “He is exceptional. His greatest draw is his humanity…it emanates from him” to the bank.

Not only did Mr. Wilson achieve so much in so little time (a PhD at the age of 24 is NO small feat), but he rose above seemingly impossible odds, poverty and the filth of growing up in a ghetto.

He did all of this – not with a Harry Belefonte-sized chip on his shoulders, but with style, class and above all else, humility. He has shown great respect and a genuine desire to impart his wisdom and courage on an entire generation that – again, in this critic’s less than humble opinion – is in desperate need and short supply these days.

The fiendishly clever idiot child who accused Dr. Wilson of a sex act did so for the most callous and superficial reasons – to save her own face during a police interrogation for cutting class and hanging out with the wrong crowd in the school’s auditorium. Not that any of Dr. Wilson’s fellow educators or surrounding community would be willing or quick on the draw to accept that maybe – JUST MAYBE – he was NOT the Janus-faced hypocrite and pervert that his accuser had claimed.

In fact, since the whole erroneous scandal broke – and even after the accuser recanted her lies to a reporter - not a single apology has emerged from either the Chester High School board, the district attorney prosecuting the case, or the girl who told these lies and her parents – such as they are.

Oh well, what do you expect from pigs but a grunt?!?

I’ll pause here to digress a moment and point out that prior to Dr. Wilson taking over the leadership at Chester, it was not a high school but a cesspool for lazy teachers, drug dealers, overwhelming gang-related violence and female students turning tricks in the locker rooms. Chester had one of the worst attendance records and SAT scores in the public school system.
Dr. Forrest Parkey , Dr. Wilson’s academic advisor while he was pursuing his PhD has described him as “courageous” and “authentic.”

I’ll second that assessment. It takes a big man – both physically and emotionally – to tackle a seemingly hopeless situation and, in fact, turn it around to have a positive impact.

Dr. Eboni Wilson has exhibited qualities in short supply in the world in general but, I would argue, particularly absent from the education system. While his contemporaries were most willing to accept the status quo of inevitable decline and impoverishment in higher learning – Dr. Wilson was determined to make a difference.

The fact that Dr. Wilson dedicated himself 100% of the time to the pursuit of academic excellence – NOT as a means of winning in-house accolades or to imbue himself with the mantel if incredulity that so many claim for a hard journey attained…NO, but to better his community, enrich the lives of students and forever improve his school so that it might be a beacon of light for the youth of today and the society of tomorrow, instead of what it had been - a repository for the riffraff of the streets – has earned Dr. Wilson the respect of not only his community but, of the world. Those living in his own backyard and yet unwilling to accept the fact that Dr. Eboni Wilson is a great man should hang their collective cynicism in shame.

That Dr. Wilson’s attempts for a better youth of tomorrow were side-lined nearly two years ago by nothing more than a hateful accusation of misconduct – and continue to be side-lined by the stigma associated with his case – is a crime of humanity’s need to always believe in the inherent wickedness of fellow men (particularly those who refuse to bend to evil and complacency), and, it remains a public injustice of Herculean atrocity.

The Public School Board, the people residing in Dr. Wilson’s community and the prosecutors in his case - ALL OWE DR. EBONI WILSON a very PUBLIC apology for their attempts to dismantle the reputation of an INNOCENT man.

To Dr. Wilson – if you’re reading this, you have the admiration, respect and deepest sympathy from this reviewer for what has occurred to you and your family. No amount of public outcry – or even apology - will effectively cleanse the stain of this heinous accusation from your sterling reputation.

But at least this critic is willing to try by spreading the good word about you to those who frequent this blog.

Remember that you are a hero in an age where heroism is either not valued, or, scoffed off the radar by those same callous cynics who thought your attempts at reforming Chester High a mere folly from boastful egotism grandstanding.

Also recall that those who worked along side you may have been considered your contemporaries – but, I shall suggest publicly herein – they most certainly have proven themselves NOT to be your friends.

Finally, for the sake of harmony in the future of your endeavors (for there are many mountains left to climb) you are, in this critic’s esteem, the most worthy champion of those causes which you have believed in thus far. DO NOT allow the ignorance, arrogance and maliciousness of either this young upstart or your surrounding community to impugn your good nature, your sincerity or your just pursuit of excellence in all things – though chiefly, in yourself.

In the words of another man facing insurmountable adversities, former President Richard M. Nixon, “a man is not finished when he is defeated; he's finished when he quits,” and finally,

“We think that when things happen that don’t go the right way…that the light has left forever. Not true. It’s only a beginning, always…because the greatness comes not when things go always good for you, but the greatness comes and you are really tested when you take some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes, because only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.

Always give your best, never be discouraged, never be petty; always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.”

God bless.

The crabby critic


Blogger MSUgal86 said...

I too saw Dr. Wilson and his wife on the program today. I was struck by their grief at having their chosen paths of education completely ruined by a cruel teenager with no sense of remorse.

My fear is that the masses of this world are producing more and more of the hardened liars like that vicious girl -- many of whom are willing to say anything to get what they want and thereby preserve their lazy habits.

People like Dr. Wilson believe in things like honor, dignity and accomplishment through one's own action. Their path is precarious, however, because it can be thwarted at any second by a single calculated syllable uttered by lazy liar who, in this age of instant information, can command immediate access to vehicles of communication that at one time were reserved for real news reported to the public by professionals who researched the facts of a story before it was disseminated. No longer. Now the professionals are under pressure to bring you the "breaking story" and report the facts as "they develop" later. These days any dreg can tell their tall tale to a desensitized audience that seems more than willing to feed on the dirt of the day.

May 31, 2006  
Blogger Aurora said...

Well done.

June 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a current student at Chester High I can say that what happened to Dr.Wilson was beyond cruel, and when Doctor "Doc" Wilson came to my school i felt a sense of relief in light of everything else going on. Before Doctor Wilson arrived my school had serious problems: scheduling conflicts,lack of books & supplies ,and security concerns.

And sadly we are (Chester High)having these problems today. I just want Doctor Wilson to know that he has inspired me in more ways than one, and to keep Chester High in his prayers as students and parents continue to try and stop this "Educational Genocide" within our district.

October 10, 2006  

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