Monday, March 24, 2008


Dear Crabby:

I have been reading your column and noticed your Kwame-bashing. I suppose this means you’re damn happy the mayor’s going to prison!

Jo in Lansing

Dear Misguided:

No. I’m not happy. Human stupidity in all its forms is never cause for my rejoicing.

With regards to ‘Kwame-Bashing’ – since when is it considered ‘bashing’ to merely re-state facts that have already come to light elsewhere in the media?

You want my opinion?

I feel that Prosecutor Kym Worthy did her job admirably –something Mayor Kilpatrick hasn’t been doing at all for some time. By indicting the mayor for his crimes, Ms. Worthy has taken the first step in liberating the City of Detroit from this very egotistical and absolute monarch.

In her televised decision today, Ms. Worthy spoke eloquently about the law before proceeding to the business at hand. She explained how even children understand the basic concepts of the law (do right, never lie and always be accountable for your actions).

She further reinforced that the oath of law that every witness is required to take when giving legal testimony in a trial does NOT read “I hereby solemnly swear to give some of the truth, some of the time, when it suits me and everything but the truth!”

In my books, Ms. Worthy is top-drawer; a credit – not only to the legal profession – but also to the citizens of Detroit. Win, lose or draw at trial time – she has done her duty as a prosecutor and lived up to the level of public scrutiny ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS should.

Raise your level of expectation Jo - both of others and yourself.

Prosecutor Worthy didn’t arrive to her decision today or at the 12 counts of perjury lightly. Rather, she ran a fair, impartial 59 day investigation through 40,000 pages of evidence with a highly skilled team of prosecutors.

The evidence in the now infamous text messages uncovered that the mayor and his former Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty clearly DID NOT tell the truth. The fact that a jury awarded the wrongfully dismissed police officers in that case a shared settlement of $8.4 million dollars suggests to me that at least 12 Detroiters thought the mayor had something to hide – even then. No testimony counter to that decision has emerged since to suggest that the monies allocated then were ill gotten gains.

There are really only two aspects about this case that baffle my better judgment. First, that Mayor Kilpatrick has been allowed to run amuck with depraved contempt for the law for so long, and second, that he still believes the charges levied against him are unfounded.

In his televised speech this afternoon, the Mayor said he expects he will be fully exonerated in a court of law. That’s either wishful thinking or utter cheek and indifference – that the law somehow does not pertain to either him or his situation.

As for my ‘personal interest’ on this matter: I hope for only one outcome at trial – a just one.

Yours truly,
The Crabby Critic

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