Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Dear Crabby:

Okay. I’m just wondering if you heard the latest absurd sound byte from Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama where he said we – the American people - can’t expect to drive our SUVs, eat all we want or cool our houses to 72 degrees?

Is he serious? I thought the guy was a joke for sitting in the front pew of Rev. Wright’s America-hating church for so many years, but this latest blurb has me livid.

I can’t say I’m much of a supporter for the other two incumbents either. There, I feel much better now.

Denise in Michigan

Dear Livid in Your Living Room:

I think it just proves that the once misperceived Teflon-coating of Barack Obama as the patron saint of ‘hope’ and pied piper of ‘change’ - ‘the magic negro’ (as, so coined by Rev. Al Sharpton) has finally begun to tarnish. I suppose it is better that the American people learn what the ‘great man’ is thinking now instead of later.

How serious Barack is about having everyone sweat-soaked, emaciated and riding tricycles about town remains to be seen.

With all his money and power, you just know whatever levies he’s thinking to impose on Americans will be most impacting on the middle and poor classes; the two biggest percentages of the population currently fueling the American economy.

Oh well, perhaps like John Edwards – it’ll be the other of the ‘two Americas’ that gets it in the neck. Either way, how Presidential is that, I ask you?

My greater concern with regards to Barack Obama is his overall inability to handle public criticism – except with all the sulking snide self-pity of a third grader who has just flunked his first math test. Do you realize that Obama went live on Good Morning America to forewarn the press that they should lay off commenting about his wife Michelle...

…“or else”?

Or else what?!?

How dare he even attempt to throttle – much less threaten – the free press?

At first it was just his ears that we couldn’t talk about. Then it was his middle name ‘Hussein.’ Then it was his grandma and later, his pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And wasn’t it Obama who, when recently asked by polite Channel 7 Action News reporter, Peggy Agar to make a comment, replied with words to the effect of -

“Hold on, sweetie!!!”

Oh, now there’s a progressive attitude toward women in the work force!

I have news for Barack Obama; any spouse who is publicly campaigning for their hubby or wife to be the next commander and chief is FAIR GAME for open critique and/or criticism from the press – especially when that spouse comes up with such idiotic prose in her own campaign rallying as -

“for the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country.”

A great American naturalist once wrote, “My country, right or wrong…” to express what true patriotism means.

Apparently, this quote never made it into the Obama house nor did it find its way into one of Rev. Wright’s hell fire and ‘serves you right’ sermons - of which many were undoubtedly taken to heart by Barack and Michelle.

The more we all learn about Obama and the little woman before the pending November elections the better off voters will be to make a more educated decision about the sort of leader they can expect next in the White House. In that sense, Obama’s campaign has been far more transparent than either of his opponents.

He’s just inexperienced enough to keep putting his feet in his mouth – sometimes two at a time.

And even when he runs out of toes, Michelle’s on tap to loan him a few of her own.

With regards to the other incumbents still in the race, John McCain is an unknown quantity – though clearly more left of center than the Republican Party would like. There’s no precedence to accurately set the tone for his political administration so, tragically, we have to take him at his word – always a frightening prospect.


Well, I suppose I could run the old Dr. Phil cliché of ‘…the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior’ to do a snap analysis of a future Clinton White House.

In the past, the Clintons ran one of the most disreputable, backstabbing and cold-hearted political dog and pony shows of the last 100 years.

Oh, ho – you might say…that was Billy’s bureaucracy. He’s the one who took his lumps from Monica in private and for her in the press; the one who pardoned known terrorists as his last act of benevolence while President; the sly politico that bombed the former Yugoslavia into oblivion coincidentally to defuse his own impeachment hearings off the front page of the New York Times; the man who absconded with some personal gifts and White House China as his parting gifts; the complicit fellow who passively allowed members of his close cabinet to sabotage White House computer records that made the initial assimilation of Bush II into the Oval Office as awkward as possible.

Yes, you could say all of that...
...and it would be true!

Maybe so. But to anyone who thinks Hil’ was just a happy-go-lucky virginal little princess, dulcet and intoxicating, doing needle-point in the next room with her prayer book close at hand while Bill ran 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue like a brothel, I have just two words for reconsideration

Vince Foster!

I think that gives us all a special glimpse into how a Clinton White House: Part II – The Revenge would be play itself out.

So, who's 'ready on day one'?
As far as this commentator is concerned - no one! How sad!

Yours truly,
The Crabby Critic


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